iPD Summit Report

–> The April 2013 iPD Summit Report is now available here.

Related Initiatives

The Innovative Professional Development (iPD) Metadata Project is focused on building quality metadata for educators around professional development. Below are metadata initiatives that support or are related to the iPD Metadata project. is a large scale initiative that provides a collection of shared vocabularies that webmasters can use to mark up their pages in ways that can be understood by the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! does not include education, accessibility of professional development metadata elements needed to ensure that teachers and learners can discover the content they need. The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) addressed the need for educational metadata and has been accepted as an extension to  The Accessibility Metadata Project (A11Y) and Innovative Professional Development (iPD) metadata frameworks, described below, are under development.

Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI)

The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) specification allows education metadata to be applied to learning resources. The LRMI extension to builds predominantly on and the LRMI-created EducationalAudience. Version 1.1 of the LRMI specification has been accepted into with the exception of useRightsUrl [see discussion here]. In addition to building out new fields, LRMI is also working to advise educational content providers in best practices around the use of existing fields to describe content.

Accessibility Metadata Project

The Accessibility Metadata Project specification ensures that users can find appropriate content based upon their user preferences and needs. A majority of the properties and terms in this specification are derived from the IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Access for All specification. The detailed Accessibility Metadata Best Practices Guide, for metadata-knowledgeable practitioners, gives detailed information on the attributes and their use. The markup examples are available in both the RDFa and microdata encodings.

There is also a document titled Accessibility Metadata Sets that gives the access modes and media features for the most common media types (accesssMode) and accessibility features (mediaFeature).

Innovative Professional Development Project (iPD)

The Innovative Professional Development (iPD) metadata specification, the development of which is underway and outlined on this site, will be proposed as an extension to and ensure that educators can discover high-quality and relevant professional development materials throughout the scope of their careers.

Common Education Data Standards (CEDS)

CEDS provides a shared vocabulary for education data in order to streamline the exchange, comparison, and understanding of data within and across P-20 institutions and sectors. CEDS elements and vocabularies extend beyond the description of educational resource subject areas and education level to include program type, learning environment, credential authorizations, along with a comprehensive list of other valuable categories. It is recommended that CEDS vocabularies are used when possible.

Learning Registry

The federal Learning Registry project is an aggregator of metadata for sharing amongst educators. Publishers share records of their digital content for developers and educators to use in building resource portals, tools and applications.

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